Alana Ciena Tillman

This is the official page of Alana Ciena Tillman, one of Sonoma County’s premiere mouth and foot artists. Alana has a range of mediums that she uses exclusively without the use of her arms. For Alana, who was born without the use of her arms, art is more than a hobby; but is her life.

With different study in abstract art, realism, surrealism, and landscape; Alana has established herself as a force in the art world. Her favorite mediums include: acrylic and oil paint, lithograph, water color, and multi-media. She paints nearly daily and allows her artistic nature to be the driving force in her life.

Alana has found herself creating custom art work, murals, and embellishing rooms as the way she makes her living. Her past commissions include: creating murals for children’s rooms, custom canvas works, greeting card design, wedding invitation design, decorative design, portraits, and much more.

She invites you to see her work, and if interested in her story or her work; to contact Alana.

-Alana Ciena Tillman

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Living In

Sebastopol, CA

Select photos provided by Matt Bradle and Carla Wilkinson